The Java platform provides excellent support for concurrent programming in all JVM-based languages. Scala extends the concurrency support in the Java language with even more ways to share work among processors and coordinate the results. This first article in a new series on JVM concurrency covers the state of the art in concurrent programming in Java 7 and introduces some of the Scala enhancements.


The .NET Framework 4 is highly compatible with applications that are built with earlier .NET Framework versions, except for some changes that were made to improve security, standards compliance, correctness, reliability, and performance.


Even though a comparable starter in the smartphone market place, Android has recently obtained a tremendous reputation and is continually having its market discusses increase at an incredible rate. Hiring advantages of free, open source, and fully developed technologies supported by the Software giant Google, Android app development has the probable to create waves in the coming times with a highly specialized user interface in the mobile globe.


Web development is becoming a more prosperous industry lately. Since the Interet and the computer wave in general is becoming quite lucrative, web development is becoming a booming industry in which everyone wants to be a part. However, it is also a very competitive industry since there are many professionals that are quite adept at programming.


VerTechz has expertise in iPhone Application Development, iPhone Game Development and Custom Mobile Application Development. We also specialized in Websites, Graphics for iPhone Mobile. We design, develop & deploy successful applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. iPhone Apps, made for the various industries were used and working successfully throughout iphone mobile users.


Hadoop enables a computing solution that is: 1.Scalable: New nodes can be added as needed, and added without needing to change data formats, how data is loaded, how jobs are written, or the applications on top.
2.Cost effective: Hadoop brings massively parallel computing to commodity servers. The result is a sizeable decrease in the cost per terabyte of storage, which in turn makes it affordable to model all your data.
3.Flexible: Hadoop is schema-less, and can absorb any type of data, structured or not, from any number of sources. Data from multiple sources can be joined and aggregated in arbitrary ways enabling deeper analyses than any one system can provide.

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